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Costs - private practice charges

Surgery to correct the need for glasses in otherwise healthy eyes (refractive surgery) is not available as an NHS procedure and is not covered by most private medical insurance schemes.

If you are found to be unsuitable for laser vision correction because of cataracts that have reached the stage at which your ability to drive safely is affected, you will normally be eligible for cataract surgery using private medical insurance cover or as an NHS patient. But cataract surgery as a purely refractive procedure (Refractive Lens Exchange) is not normally covered. So if you have early stage cataracts but still have good vision in glasses, the fee schedule below would normally apply.

We always use the latest proven technology and offer only what we believe to be the best available treatment for each patient. There are no compromises and no hidden costs.




Consultation £200

Second Opinion £400

All postsurgical consultations are included within the procedure fee




  • Hospital fee
  • Anaesthetic
  • Surgery
  • Total per eye



*For special order (ICL, toric and multifocal) lens implants the hospital fee will vary to cover the cost of these lenses. The additional cost is £760-£1175 depending on the implant required. 





Accounts are settled in full on the day for the initial consultation, and 1 week prior to admission for subsequent laser and surgical procedures. Payment for surgery can be made by debit or credit cards 1 week prior to treatment.


Additional costs


We aim where possible to avoid additional charges for any additional treatment required for the best results. There is no charge for most enhancement treatments or other revision treatments required within 2 years of surgery. The main exceptions are YAG laser capsulotomy, which is commonly required after cataract surgery/RLE; and laser focus adjustments after cataract surgery. For planned combinations of laser and implant based procedures (BIOPTICS) to correct very high refractive errors, additional charges also apply.


Additional diagnostic consultations


Our routine review programme is designed to ensure that the vast majority of complications arising from surgery are identified before you are discharged from our care. Later diagnostic consultations required for new eye problems are charged at £200 each.


Age related prescription changes


Once corrected, distance vision normally remains sharp; but natural changes in the spectacle prescription, independent of earlier refractive surgery, can occur with aging. Further refractive surgical correction is beneficial for a small percentage of patients with a significant age related shift. Patients presenting later than 2 years after initial surgery with a significant age related shift in their spectacle prescription are charged initially at the rate for a follow-up consultation (£200). Further refractive surgery is then charged at the normal rate (see above).


YAG laser capsulotomy


A laser procedure called YAG laser capsulotomy is commonly required to sharpen vision 6 months to 3 years after cataract surgery/RLE. The total charge per eye for this procedure and review consultations (including initial diagnostic review) is £1124.